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Please help me! (a guest post from Kristen King)

“Please help me!” ….something my husband has asked for since he was a very young child and still pleads for, to this day, as an adult. There is a lot of communication and help for adolescents with Autism Spectrum disorders, but where is the help for those kids who grew up with no assistance, understanding or help at all?  Those kids that grew up with so much pain from lack of understanding, from being rejected all their life and from never quite understanding where they fit or why they even exist.  Where is the help and understanding for the spouses, the families that do their best to “help”.  My husband says that your family is the people that walk with you through the bad times..those that help us carry the cross we have been given to bear.  The bible tells us to “carry one another’s burdens” and yet, it seems even the church is lacking in helping these people. How many of us go through daily life with disregard for God’s mandate to love the least of God’s children, to laugh with those who laugh and mourn with those who mourn?  Where is the community, the family that joins together to truly help those in need?  I’ve come to understand that my husband doesn’t say anything unless he has something to say.  So, when he says he’s in pain and needs help, he’s held it in for as long as he can and we are in desperation mode.  I feel so helpless, so very inadequate and alone at times.  But, the truth is, I have never felt so alone, so worthless that I wanted to end it all, as he has.



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